Still Points

Still Points is a selection of images from a larger portfolio that has transpired through a process of spontaneous discovery of moments experienced within my surroundings. I have been recording these quiet moments in particular spaces over a period of four years in and around Cape Town, South Africa. The process entails a conscious experience of opening a searching, patient, contemplative eye to the world. I am motivated to record these ‘pursued’ landscapes and intuit symbolic resonances. For me the moment of shooting is about balancing quiet receptivity and probing curiosity. I wish to invite the viewer into a sense of wonder, deeper seeing and heightened awareness in response to the visual pleasures of form, shape, line, texture, light and shadow. The longer process of using an analogue medium format camera, measuring of light with a hand held light meter, hand process of negatives, creation of high-resolution scans and digital post production for printing onto the archival cotton rag paper, is important to my practice, as it slows down, quietens and deepens the engagement.